What Are My Options For Getting Divorced?

While the main goal of divorce is always to end a marriage, there are different routes and alternatives to go about parting ways. Attorney Charles K. Wake of Century City, California, helps clients understand their options for divorce and find the path that best meets their specific needs and circumstances.

Standard Divorce Litigation

In many cases, both couples will through attorneys to negotiate terms of a divorce and meet in court to finalize those terms. This can take a significant amount of time as both parties go back and forth until they reach an agreement.

If you choose litigation, as many do, it is important that you have a lawyer who is experienced in family law and knows how to resolve divorce-related issues as quickly as possible. The longer the matter draws out and the more the parties negotiate, the more costly the divorce becomes.

Attorney Charles K. Wake is an experienced divorce lawyer who understands how to quickly identify issues and resolve them with strategic solutions that are tailored to the goals of the client.

Collaborative Law And Mediation In Divorce

Some couples have agreed to divorce on amicable terms and don't need to fight in court. There are options that allow these couples to complete a divorce more quickly and less expensively than through litigation.

Collaborative law and mediation alternatives allow the couple to talk through their issues with a mediator and work together to produce a divorce agreement for the judge to approve. Both parties will meet with a neutral third-party mediator who is trained in guiding couples through this process, efficiently talking through any issues that might arise.

Mr. Wake understands the divorce process and the toll it can take on a person. He provides clear explanations and solutions to any issues that might arise, easing the burden that his clients carry.

He also understands the toll divorce can take on a person's bottom line. He works efficiently, knowing where and how to get answers so that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible — saving money for the client.

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