What Can I Expect From My Divorce? Legal Issues You Can Expect.

The legal process of divorce allows couples to separate their affairs and assets legally as they part way personally. The final divorce decree will resolve four main issues:

Division of property — All property, assets and debt held by the couple will be divided equitably during divorce. This means that anything they have acquired (either together or individually) during the marriage will be added up and divided in a fair and equitable manner.

The division does not have to be right down the middle. One spouse may be granted a certain asset or piece of property to balance out the other spouse being granted a different piece of property.

Debt must also be divided equitably between the couple.

Child custody — Custody matters are often the most contentious aspect of divorce. The court will take into account the health and safety of the child, as well as the living situation that is the most advantageous for the child's best interests and education.

The court often favors joint custody arrangements where the child is allowed as much time as possible with both parents. This can be complicated by circumstances and family dynamics. If it is, the court will appoint one primary custodial parent with the other parent likely being granted visitation and parenting time.

Child support — Child support is based on a set formula that factors in times spent with the child, income of both parents, needs of the child and additional expenses. While this formula is fairly standard, the judge has some discretion to protect the best interests of the child and ensure that he or she is adequately supported.

Spousal support — In some cases, but not all, the court may grant spousal support. This requires one spouse (usually the primary bread winner) to provide support for a set period of time to the other spouse. Generally, the supported spouse is provided the payments because he or she made significant sacrifices of education or career for the primary bread winner during the marriage.

The support payments allow that spouse to get back on his or her feet following the divorce and seek education or career opportunities, enjoying a comparable standard of living.

It should be noted that to file for divorce in Los Angeles County, the couple must have lived in California for at least six months, three months of which must have been lived in Los Angeles County.

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